09 July 2015

Review: Six Degrees - The Power of Attraction Connects Us All by Honey Brown

* Copy courtesy of Jane Curry Publishing re-branded as Ventura Press *

Let me tell you, this book is HOT HOT HOT!

Six Degrees by bestselling Australian author Honey Brown is broken down into six (hot) stand alone stories; each one a tale of sexual attraction involving different characters.

Each setting has a uniquely Australia feel about it and the chapter headings give readers a good indication of what lies ahead.

Chapter headings in Six Degrees are:
  • Threesome
  • Two Women
  • Older
  • Younger
  • Two Men
  • First Time
Each of the main characters are connected to each other by one event in their past, and I enjoyed following the breadcrumbs as their six degrees of separation (as I liked to think of them) were gradually revealed.

I have to tell you, each of these chapters/stories are very sexy and definitely made for 'hot under the collar' reading! The blurb mentions this novel is the author's first time venturing into rural romance, but I have to disagree; rural romance is never this raunchy!

Six Degrees by Honey Brown is available 1 August 2015, and I heartily recommend this well-written, exciting and racy novel to readers looking to spice up their bookshelf / life (wink wink nod nod, just turn the page).

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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  1. Oh, it sounds interesting.... Very different to her previous work!

  2. Thanks Deb, it is very different, raunchy stuff ;-)


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