11 January 2015

Sign up for Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2015 & Completion of 2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

2015 Challenge
This year the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2015 is going to be hosted by Passages to the Past for the first time.

To complete the challenge, readers need to choose one of the following reading levels: 

20th century Reader - 2 books
Victorian Reader - 5 books
Renaissance Reader - 10 books
Medieval - 15 books
Ancient History - 25 books
Prehistoric - 50+ books

I've decided to sign up for the Medieval level again this year and will need to read 15 historical fiction novels to be successful.

2014 Challenge
I should mention that I successfully completed the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge in 2014 and read the following books:

1.  The Gods of Heavenly Punishment | Jennifer Cody Epstein
2.  Isabella: Braveheart of France | Colin Falconer
3.  The Sin Eater | Sarah Rayne
4.  Burial Rites | Hannah Kent
5.  The Silence | Sarah Rayne
6.  The Whispering | Sarah Rayne
7.  Secrecy | Rupert Thomson
8.  The Ghost of the Mary Celeste | Valerie Martin
9.  The Silversmith's Wife | Sophia Tobin
10. Lady of Ashes | Christine Trent
11. Pure | Andrew Miller
12. Child 44 | Tom Rob Smith
13. The Tournament | Matthew Reilly
14. Jane | Robin Maxwell
15. The Lady of the Rivers | Philippa Gregory

Additional books read for the challenge:
16. The Secrets of Casanova | Greg Michaels
17. Baudelaire's Revenge | Bob Van Laerhoven
18. The Unquiet Bones | Mel Starr
19. Libby Morgan: Reunion | Leah A. Zieber
20. The Winter Palace | Eva Stachniak

Last year's challenge was hosted by Historical Tapestry and I'm looking forward to the challenge now being hosted in 2015 by Passages to the Past. It should be another year of great books.

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