31 December 2014

Completed Aussie Author Challenge 2014

After publishing my review of Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey today, I've now officially completed the Aussie Author Challenge 2014.

Here's what I read and reviewed throughout the year:
1.  Speaking Volumes - Conversations with Remarkable Writers | Ramona Koval
2.  Burial Rites | Hannah Kent
3.  Hindsight | Melanie Casey
4.  Hades | Candice Fox
5.  just_a_girl | Kirsten Krauth
6.  Through The Cracks | Honey Brown
7.  Is It Just Me? | Chrissie Swan
8.  Eugenia: A True Story of Adversity, Tragedy, Crime and Courage | Mark Tedeschi
9.  Craven | Melanie Casey
10. What Came Before | Anna George
11. Dancing on Knives | Kate Forsyth
12. Allegiance | Wanda Wiltshire
13. Reluctantly Charmed | Ellie O'Neill
14. The Tournament | Matthew Reilly
15. Skinjob | Bruce McCabe
16. Jasper Jones | Craig Silvey

Additional books read for the challenge:
17. The Great Zoo of China | Matthew Reilly

There are some really great books in this list and it was a pleasure to read and review all of them. Here's to more great Aussie books in 2015.

Carpe Librum and Happy New Year!

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