27 July 2014

Review & Giveaway: Craven by Melanie Casey

Craven by Melanie Casey book cover
*Copies courtesy of Pantera Press *

Craven by Melanie Casey is the second in the series to feature Cass Lehman, and follows directly on from Hindsight.

Just a reminder that Cass has retrocognition, and when she occupies the space where a person has died, she experiences a detailed vision of their death and in particular how they died.

In Hindsight, Cass worked closely with Detective Ed Dyson using her gift to capture a serial killer, however their budding relationship hasn't survived into Craven.

Since then, Cass has left home, started a new job and is living in the city of Adelaide looking for a fresh start.  Cass makes a welcomed new friend in Claire however she's also acquired a creepy stalker and soon needs to call on Ed for his assistance.

I loved the character development in Craven and in particular seeing Cass achieve her independence and leave the protective cocoon of her family.  It was also refreshing to discover (along with Cass) more about her gift and how she can use it.

In summary, Craven can be read as a mystery and crime novel and has an unmistakeable Australian feel.  I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in Cass' life once again and I really hope there's another planned in the series.

My rating = ****

You can WIN your own copy of Craven by Melanie Casey.

To enter: comment below and tell me where you would go (or places you'd avoid) if you had Cass' gift of retrocognition.

Eligibility: only those with an Australian postal address are eligible to enter.

Entries close: midnight, Sunday 3 August 2014.

Winner: I'll be using random.org to select the winner and posting the results here on the blog.  The winner will have until midnight Sunday 10th August to make contact and provide a postal address.

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  1. I would definitely avoid the mortuary!! Thanks for the opportunity to win Craven Tracey :)

  2. The mortuary would probably be the safest place to go since they are already dead at that point! I would probably want to go somewhere historic like the Tower of London, it would be so interesting from a historic point of view but also really exhausting because of the horrible way they met their death.

  3. Thanks for your entry Brenda, but like Claire, I would have thought the mortuary would be safe because not many people actually die there.

    Claire, you're certainly game wanting to go to the Tower with a gift like Cass. I'd love to find out what you learned, (or read about it in a novel) but it'd be hard to go through it first hand for sure. Thanks for your entry.

  4. Bad neighbourhoods sounds like a place I wouldn't want to go ever, under any circumstances.

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  5. There is no question, I have always been intrigued by Jack the Ripper. So, if I had the skill of retrocognition I would use it, not avoid it, to try to solve one of the world's most unsolved murder mysteries. I would go to Whitechapel London to speak to the victims of Jack the Ripper to find out who he was.
    Thank you for the giveaway, Craven sounds like a fascinating book :-) I am also a fan on Facebook.

  6. I think that where ever you go will have it's issues.

    I'd avoid jails & hospitals.

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  7. Thanks for your multiple entries Jessica.

    Amanda, I'd love to follow you to Whitechapel to find out who Jack the Ripper was, great entry.

    Thanks Mary, jails and hospitals would definitely be hotspots.

    Good luck ladies.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity Tracey, Ive been curious about this author and the series. Its my kind of thing :)

    Having just read a book set in the trenches of Gallopoli I would avoid any battlefield like the plague!

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    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  9. Hi Shelleyrae, hope you get to read this series soon, it's fabulous. I'm with you on avoiding a battlefield, that would be unimaginable.

  10. Thank you to everyone who entered, this competition has now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!