23 September 2013

Review: Sweet Damage by Rebecca James

Sweet Damage by Rebecca James book cover
After devouring the debut novel Beautiful Malice from Australian author Rebecca James a few years ago (and giving it 4 stars), I was very excited to read her latest novel, Sweet Damage published early this year.

Set in Syndey, Australia, the novel opens with Tim living with his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. In an effort to improve his living situation he replies to an ad for a cheap room in a huge house in an expensive part of town.

Anna is the owner of the house and appears to have no social skills, however, the fact that she is a little 'weird' seems to be the only catch. As Tim slowly gets to know her though, strange things begin to happen in the house.

Sweet Damage is an entertaining read, and once again is great for YA readers. There's a real sense of Sydney on the page, my favourite quote being: 
"...the water [was] tinted an unbelievable shade of Brett Whiteley blue..." Page 111.
I can easily imagine Sweet Damage being made into an Australian thriller movie, although I'd have to look away from the spider scene.

You can read the first 14 pages of Sweet Damage for free, by clicking here.

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!

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  1. I liked Sweet Damage much more than A Beautiful Malice :)

  2. Really, wow? I loved them both, but Sweet Damage definitely flew along!


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