11 April 2013

Review: Prophecy by S.J. Parris (Book 2: Giordano Bruno series)

Prophecy by S.J. Parris book cover
Prophecy is the second in the Giordano Bruno series by S.J. Parris and follows on from Heresy while also being a stand alone read.

Bruno is still acting as a spy for Sir Francis Walsingham with a view to protect Queen Elizabeth I from plots to dethrone her.  In Prophecy, the threat comes from within the Queen's own court with several murders taking place and small astrological markings being carved into their chest.

Bruno is in London staying with a group of Catholics and is undercover trying to unearth potential plots to put Mary Stuart on the throne.  His challenge: to investigate these deaths without betraying his true alliance.

I loved the portrayal of Dr. John Dee, philosopher and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I - and his infamously well stocked library for the period; what self respecting book-lover wouldn't?

This was an interesting time in history; one where the line between the two religions and the Queen's own interest in astrology was very fine.

Basically this is an historical fiction whodunnit for the Renaissance period, and is a light and entertaining read.  I didn't enjoy it as much as Heresy (4 stars), and will probably leave the series here.  For those wanting to continue, there are two further novels to discover:

- Sacrilege  Book 3 in Giordano Bruno series
- Treachery Book 4 due for release 18 June 2013

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

P.S. I forgot my favourite quote from this novel, it made me hoot with laughter:

"You had a face on you for a moment there like a man trying to shit a turnip."
- Page 272

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