30 March 2013

Review: Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill

Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill book cover
* From publisher for review * 

Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill is essentially a modern reader's introduction to Greek mythology in an adventure and action packed plot beginning with the siege of Troy and soon after the famed Trojan war.

We follow the tale through the eyes of strong young female protagonist Hero and her brothers, as they chase Odysseus (Greek King of Ithaca) over sea and land, seeking answers for how their beloved city of Troy was breached and subsequently destroyed by the Greeks.

Chasing Odysseus introduced me to Greek myths and legends in a gentle and extremely accessible way and is suitable for adult or YA readers alike.

If you're interested in Greek mythology but are too afraid to read Homer's Iliad or the Odyssey, then this is a fabulous contemporary place to start.  Chasing Odysseus is the first in a three part series referred to as the Hero Trilogy published by Pantera Press and written by Sulari Gentill, otherwise known as S.D. Gentill in this series.

My rating = ***1/2

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