14 November 2012

Giveaway: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Here's me with author Kate Morton
I was lucky enough tonight to attend a Dymocks event at the State Library of Victoria tonight where Aussie author Kate Morton was in conversation about her writing process and research process for her new novel The Secret Keeper.

After the interview, Kate took questions from the audience and then graciously took to the foyer to sign books for the bookish fans in a long queue that snaked back into the venue.

Kate Morton signing another fan's book
The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton book coverI was close to the front and after telling Kate she was one of my favourite Aussie authors, she signed two copies of The Secret Keeper for me along with my old favourites: The Forgotten Garden and The Shifting Fog (The Distant Hours having been loaned to a friend of a friend).

Here's the best news: I am giving one of the signed copies of The Secret Keeper away here on Carpe Librum!  This is a proof copy* too which makes it rare and a great keepsake for book-lovers.  

How to Enter
There are 2 ways you can enter:
 - Leave a comment below and tell me which of Kate Morton's books is your favourite, or
- Send an email and tell me what secret you've been keeping.

The giveaway closes on Friday 30th November 2012, good luck everyone!

*The proof copy is courtesy of Allen & Unwin, so many thanks to them.

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  1. How awesome is that! Lucky you.


  2. Thanks Kimberlee, it was awesome and she's an incredibly modest and delightful woman in person; she had the entire audience captivated during the reading at the beginning.

  3. Definitely "The Distant Hours", I read the opening paragraph to anyone who came into my general vicinity while I was reading it. Such a gift with words.


  4. I enjoyed The Forgotten Garden but The Distant Hours is my fave. This is an awesome giveaway - and very generous of both Kate and yourself. Cheers Jennie

  5. The Forgotten Garden is my favourite by her. I love the characters.

    I saw on the news last night that Kate Morton is now the most sold Australian Author of all time. That's kind of crazy.

    Thanks for the giveaway - it's very generous of you.

  6. Wow, the highest selling Australian author of all time? That's an amazing accomplishment, incredible! Thanks for sharing Kate.

    And thanks for entering Lauren and Jennie. I'm going to have to go back and read the opening para of 'The Distant Hours' again.

  7. I love The Forgotten Garden but I will say that The Secret Keeper is a close second! I can't wait until her next book! It truly is so generous of you to give away your second copy. Do you think a movie will come about soon for one of her novels?

  8. Based on your previous glowing recommendations (and due to your #1 ranking in my "Must Read Books Because [insert name] Said To") I'm waiting to read any of Kate's books - she's very popular with my library!

    I think I'm #2 on the list now for The Forgotten Garden, so I can't wait.

    And to enter the comp, I'm about to email you a secret I've been keeping ;)

  9. Thanks Danielle and to answer your question, yes! Kate told us that the movie rights have been sold for 'The Forgotten Garden' and that she's happy not to be involved in the movie too much. I can't wait to see it!!

    I'll look out for your secret Selwyn, I wish I was about to embark on my Kate Morton journey again for the first time. You're in for a literary treat :-)

    Good luck everyone!

  10. I don't quite know how I missed the fact that Kate was coming to Melbourne, otherwise I would have been there in a heartbeat!

    No need to enter me into the draw.

  11. Thanks Marg, I found out because I follow her Facebook page. Sorry you didn't know about it, I guess you would hate to hear there were a few spare seats...

  12. Having always been drawn to gothic- style mystery/romances, I loved The House At Riverton! But haven't yet read The Secret Keeper...

  13. Thanks Liz A, you are in the draw, and the competition is now closed.

    Good luck to all the entrants here on the blog, and those who have entered via email by sending me their secrets. They have been fun to read through.

  14. Congratulations Kate, you're the winner of this fabulous giveaway, announced on 2 December here: http://www.carpelibrum.net/2012/12/winner-announced-secret-keeper-giveaway.html

    Please Contact Me with your postal address so I can mail you the autographed book. I feel guilty hanging on to it!

  15. Complex and engaging. Couldn't wait for the next page . The character development and the on the ground research was a large part of our round table discussion.


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