08 July 2012

Review: Gone For Good by Harlan Coben

Gone For Good by Harlan Coben book cover
Gone For Good by Harlan Coben is the story of Will Klein.  He lost his older brother Ken at a young age, when Ken fled the family home after being accused of murdering Will's ex girlfriend Julie and was never heard from again.  Eleven years on and Will's mother is losing a battle with a terminal illness and gives Will the news that his brother is still alive.

His mother's death and her shocking revelation sets a number of events into motion.  Will's girlfriend disappears and he begins to find out more about his brother Ken and the past he never new about.

The best character in Gone For Good is undoubtedly Will's friend, Squares.  Squares got his nickname after having his swastika - that was tattooed on his forehead in his misspent youth - tattooed into squares rather than removed, to remind him of his troubled past.  Squares and Will both work at Covenant House, reaching out to homeless youths and trying to offer them a better future.

Will believes his brother Ken is innocent, however he is torn between a love for his brother and doing the right thing.  There is danger and tension throughout this thriller and a twist that caught me a little by surprise.

My rating = ***

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