29 June 2012

Review: Breathless by Dean Koontz

Breathless by Dean Koontz book cover
Grady Adams lives on his own in the Colorado mountains together with his massive Irish Wolfhound named Merlin and the book takes off when they come across a pair of animals Grady has never seen before. Grady asks his friend Cammy Rivers - a vet - to come and take a look, and she names the unique, gentle, inquisitive creatures Puzzle and Riddle, and it soon becomes apparent that these creatures will change the world.

Meanwhile there are two sub plots taking place that eventually link up at the end to make for a great climax. I've said it before, but Koontz loves to write about dogs and animals and Breathless carries on this theme.

There was a particularly good section of writing that made me laugh and is a good example of why I keep returning to Koontz. The excerpt comes from Page 216:
"If Northcott's smile looked like a grimace, then his grimace was more like the expression of a man who found a live cockroach swimming in his soup at the very moment he broke a tooth on a ball bearing spooned from the same bowl."
Classic! All in all, this was an easy read and highly recommended for animal lovers everywhere.

My rating = ***

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