22 November 2011

New novel from Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift

I've just stumbled across the best literary news ever! Anne Rice - one of my favourite authors of all time - is publishing a new book in February 2012, entitled The Wolf Gift.  

According to Amazon, it's:
"A whole new world - modern, sleek, high-tech."
I'm so excited!  I can't wait to immerse myself in her new world and find out what awaits me there.

Who's going to join me?

That's my four bucks!


Selwyn said...

Oooooohhhhhh..... me!

TBM said...

That is good news! I loved the Mayfair witches!

Anonymous said...

hi to all myfourbucks.blogspot.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
speak soon
garry m