29 April 2011

Review: Eldest | Christopher Paolini

My enthusiasm for The Inheritance series continued straight into the second book Eldest, where the adventure penned by Christopher Paolini picked up exactly where Eragon left off.

Again I was instantly gripped and entranced by the story taking place in Alagaesia and I loved following Eragon's training to become a Dragon Rider.

I was impressed by Paolini's writing and relieved that Eldest was just as magnificent as Eragon. Even though it had been a few years between the publishing of the two novels, it seemed to me like no time at all had passed between the writing of the books

I couldn't recommend this novel highly enough, however you do need to have read Eragon beforehand as this is not a stand alone book. Enjoy!
"May good fortune rule over you, peace live in your heart and the stars watch over you" - Elven greeting.
My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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