11 April 2010

Review: The Waxman Murders - Paul Doherty

I'm still reading the medieval mystery series starring Hugh Corbett, although I'm almost up to date, woohoo!!! This is the 15th in the series and was another great medieval 'whodunnit', published in 2007.

This time the historical fiction was set in 1300 - 1303 and the plot involved the legend of a buried treasure, pirates as well as numerous murders and assassinations.

The regular characters were all in attendance; Sir Hugh Corbett, Ranulf and Chanson, and as usual the plot kept me guessing until close to the end. In my opinion this novel had a well stocked plot filled with much detail and interest in comparison so some of his earlier work in this series.

I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the latest publication in the series Nightshade, published in 2008.

My rating = ***

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