12 December 2009

Review: The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert

The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert book coverI saw this book in a $5 bargain box at Borders and decided to buy it based on the fact that I already wanted to read Others also by James Herbert.

This is my first introduction to James Herbert, and I thought this was a very decent 'ghost book'. I was sucked in the moment I discovered it was about a psychic investigator who is sent to a quaint village called Sleath by request of the Vicar's daughter. David Ash discovers hauntings and bizarre incidents in the town and tries to get to the bottom of it all as the town and its inhabitants are endangered any further.

This was one of my 'work books' which I read on my lunch break and it was quite interesting/amusing to read about a cold haunted town for 30 mins a day whilst in the middle of summer. I'm sure I would have found it more scary had I read at home alone at night, however it was a very easy and enjoyable read.

There was an extremely graphic sex scene that caught me by complete and utter surprise, and Herbert's talent for graphic descriptions is evident throughout the novel. His explanation for the cause of the trouble in Sleath is interesting but wasn't completely surprising.

I enjoyed this and look forward to reading Others in the future.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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