09 October 2009

Review: Satan's Fire by Paul Doherty

Satan's Fire by Paul Doherty book cover
I've been trying for more than 6 months to buy a copy of this book, but I couldn't order it as it's out of print! I made the difficult decision to keep on reading the series, and skip this one until I could track down a copy - argh, but I hate when things aren't 'in order' so I've been desperate to get this book!! I finally found a second hand copy for sale on eBay, and snatched it up straight away and have just finished reading it.

I enjoyed it, but the relief at having read it and now restoring 'order' to the series was also, sadly, more important to me than it should have been (sigh).

Okay, all that aside, what's it about? It's another of the medieval mysteries featuring the King's Keeper of the Secret Seal, Sir Hugh Corbett. This time murders are being committed during a visit to York by members of the Order of the Temple. Corbett is asked by King Edward to investigate these murders at the hand of a mysterious fire that seems to erupt from hell.

Another enjoyable read, and the end of a book saga that has bothered me for some time.

My rating = ***

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