23 October 2009

Review: The Body Farm | Patricia Cornwell

This is another in the Kay Scarpetta series and again I enjoyed the forensic style 'whodunnit' by Patricia Cornwell. I thought the title a little too much given how small a role the farm actually played in the plot. In fact I would have liked to pursue this further in the novel, however the reader was given just a glimpse into the scientific nature of the body farm.

This book can be read as a stand-alone, however there are references made to previous cases Scarpetta and Marino have worked in the past.

After reading the first 5 books in this series in the last 8 months, I'm growing a little weary of the predictability of the main characters and the similarity in the plot outline in each novel. I think I'll give the series a rest for now, besides there are plenty of other books out there waiting to be read.

My rating = **1/2

Carpe Librum!


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