09 April 2009

Review: The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson

The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson book coverThis is the story of Anna, a Countess in Russia whose family has lost everything after the Revolution. Moving to London in 1919, Anna takes work as a servant at Mersham to support her family but the other servants and the Earl himself suspect there is more to Anna than a mere housemaid.

Anna is enchanting and captivates every character she comes into contact with. I found the inclusion of Eugenics quite an interesting topic and a perfect backdrop to paint the character of Muriel, the antithesis of Anna.

I enjoyed this easy to read novel, and it came complete with the fairytale ending one would expect from Young Adult fiction. This book is perfect for young teenage girls.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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