18 March 2009

Review: Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell

Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell book cover
I've always been fascinated and intrigued by Stonehenge and in this book Cornwell takes us back in time. We are introduced to the landscape, the settlements, the people and their beliefs in such a realistic fashion I almost forgot that this was fiction!

Of course, Cornwell has conducted extensive research and this is a spectacular work of fiction for any reader who has ever wondered about the meaning of Stonehenge or its construction. The people worship many Gods, including the God of the Sun and the Moon, and sacrifice is part of their everyday life. The reader also learns a little about the customs of the people and the cultures of those in faraway settlements.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how and why Stonehenge was constructed (according to Cornwell) and marvelled at the human effort required. I also have a better understanding of what the stones represent having finished this work.

I thoroughly recommended this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction or who has ever wondered about Stonehenge.

My rating = ****1/2

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