12 October 2008

Review: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson book coverI absolutely loved this book!! The main character is severely burned in a car accident and the book begins with his recovery in the burn unit. I was engrossed in the book by the first page and the details regarding burn patients is extremely graphic and very informative.

Marianne Engel is a psych patient from the hospital and begins to visit his bedside and tells him that this isn't the first time she's looked after him after he's been burned. So begins a series of tales and stories from many hundreds of years ago, each one an extraordinary and well written story of love and loss. (I want to stress here that these weren't romance stories, but also involved courage, myth and sacrifice and each one of them touched me in some way).

I immensely enjoyed these 'medieval tales' and the idea that Marianne believes they lived together in previous lives. Ultimately the reader is left to decide whether this is true or not.

This is the first book by this Canadian author and I can't wait to see what he publishes next.

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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  1. I should also say though that I also really enjoyed The Gargoyle. It's a very rich story.


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!