14 August 2008

Review: Second Chance by Jane Green

Second Chance by Jane Green book coverThis book was recommended to be by someone at work, and I'm not looking forward to telling her I hated it! 

Second Chance was essentially about the following: a group of school friends lose touch, two of them marry the wrong man, one of the friends in the group dies prompting a get together. They all are having a mid life crisis of some kind, one of which involves adultery, one of which involves alcoholism, another involving an accidental pregnancy and another a divorce. At the end of the book, all the main characters have a happy ending and the book is all neatly tied up. Hardly realistic, and definitely not my sort of book. I don't enjoy romance books (elements of that here), I don't enjoy books where the character commits adultery (tick), and I don't enjoy books about regular people living their lives but having a nice happy ending written for them. Boring!

Having said all of that, I've noticed that Jane Green is a 'best selling author' and what I have gained from reading this book is the knowledge that I don't like her style and won't be picking up another of her books.

My rating = * (half a star)

Carpe Librum!

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