17 February 2008

Review: Double Cross by James Patterson

Double Cross by James Patterson book coverIn the latest James Patterson novel Alex Cross was faced with two killers. The plot was entertaining, however the relationship with his latest girlfriend was 'cringeworthy' and I hated reading all the inuendos and Patterson's pathetic attempt at romance. I think the character of Alex Cross is too old for sex, and I just wish Patterson could stick to the crime plot.

I was also annoyed by the lack of concern Cross showed for the safety of his family, even when it was revealed that they were under surveillance by one of the killers! This isn't new in the Alex Cross series though, as he always leaves the running of the household and raising of the children to 'Nana Mama'.

All in all, an entertaining read, and as always, I'm still compelled to read the next in the series.

My rating = **

Carpe Librum!

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