25 February 2007

Review: My Story by Schapelle Corby with Kathryn Bonella

My Story by Schapelle Corby with Kathryn Bonella book coverThis is quite a controversial book, which sparked conversation (even amongst strangers) wherever I went with it. It would seem that Schapelle Corby is the modern day Lindy Chamberlain, and her guilt/innocence will be discussed long into the future.

I was warned that this book was quite graphic, and very depressing, but I thought that if Schapelle can live it, I can read it. I'm glad I did. It was refreshing to hear her point of view, and not the media version which has hindered her situation beyond belief.

Believing that Schapelle is innocent, makes this a very difficult book to read, but I encourage you to put aside any pre-conceptions, and hear her story. Remember: being beautiful and belonging to a family with questionable connections, does not make you guilty. Being in the middle of a media frenzy does not make you guilty.

Read it, and then decide.

Even if you believe she's guilty, surely you agree that no Australian deserves to spend 20 years in that filthy hell hole.

Bring her home.

Carpe Librum!

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