16 September 2014

Review: This Is A Book by Demetri Martin

This Is A Book by Demetri Martin book cover
I love a good stitch-inducing laugh, and Demetri Martin is one of my all time favourite comedians. I had the pleasure of seeing him live in Melbourne a few years ago and laughed so hard it hurt.  As well as being an amazing entertainer, I was also struck by his observations on the mundane as well as the bigger themes in life.

This Is A Book is Demetri's first book and is a collection of all sorts of jokes, short stories, poems, graphs, sketches and even palindromes.

If you can't see Demetri Martin live then This Is A Book is the next best thing although of course doesn't include Demetri's musical talent and on-stage presence.

Every year I check the Melbourne International Comedy Festival program in the hope of seeing Demetri Martin's name included in the list of international comedians and live for the day I can see him on stage again.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

Excerpt from This Is A Book by Demetri Martin

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