14 April 2014

Review: Through The Cracks by Honey Brown

Advanced copy of Through The Cracks
by Honey Brown
* Copy courtesy of The Reading Room and Penguin Australia *

After reading and reviewing a handful of 3 star rated books, I can't tell you the feeling of relief and expectation picking up an advanced copy of Honey Brown's new thriller Through The Cracks.

Without a doubt the hero of the book is Adam Vander, growing up with an extremely abusive father in suburban Sydney.  Made to feel unwanted and different, his home life shifts when Adam becomes old enough and strong enough to fight back.  His life is flipped on its head though when he meets Billy.

Through The Cracks is a psychological thriller written by one of Australia's best writers in the genre, Honey Brown.  Through The Cracks peers into the dark corners of child abuse, and shines a light on the scum and their motivations for cruelty against children.

Although the subject matter is dark, much is left to the reader to imagine; there is no depravity for depravity's sake.  I read 
Through The Cracks during the week Daniel Morcombe's killer was sentenced and this certainly influenced my reading of the novel.  It made me understand that although this is a novel, unfortunately there are depraved pedophiles in our community and we need to do everything we can to protect our children.

So, how does it end? Well, I'll leave that for you to discover, but I can tell you the revelation about Adam's identity was so well written I'd recommend this novel based on that 'twist' alone.

Highly recommended for fans of crime and psychological suspense and readers who love reading Australian authors.

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

N.B  Through The Cracks will be published at the end of this month.

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  1. I agree. This is a wonderful book that doesn't dwell on nor shy away from abuse and it;s victims. Adam's growth throughout the story is a testament to the strength of those who suffer. I was lucky enough to obtain an ARC through Netgalley and can't wait to buy a final copy for my bookshelf :)

  2. SO looking forward to a new Honey Brown novel!
    Like Tracey, I read so many books I get used to mediocrity, and I clearly remember the delight and admiration I felt when I read Dark House and realised I had a new favourite writer. And a Gippslander to boot!

  3. Thanks Rowena, are you going to her book launch on 30 April? If so, It'd be great to meet you there.

    Thanks Ruth, couldn't agree with you more.


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!