04 May 2012

Dark Tower series has arrived!

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
Last week I won the Hachette Australia competition on Twitter, and was the lucky recipient of Stephen King's entire Dark Tower series!

Well, today my books arrived and I just had to take a photo of them all.  The spines look so beautiful lined up next to each other, don't you agree?  The last one you can see on the end is the most recent of the series, The Wind Through The Keyhole

This is my best competition win ever and I'm looking forward to reading them all.  A huge thank you to Hachette Australia!

That's my four bucks!

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  1. Wow, so jealous!

    This might sound weird, but what does the cover of the first book look like?

    If you dont have a photo you could just describe it!

  2. Not a weird question at all. I posted a picture of the front cover of the first book - The Gunslinger - with my review, here: http://www.carpelibrum.net/2012/09/review-gunslinger-stephen-king.html

    Are you thinking of reading it?

  3. Hi there,

    What an awesome score, lucky you! If at all possible, do you think you could take a photo of all the covers please? It would be much appreciated!


  4. Apologies for the delay Zoe, but I found a website that shows all of the covers for this series of The Dark Tower. Here's the link for you: http://www.stephenking.co.uk/site/TheDarkTowerSeries.php5

    Let me know what you think of the covers, the spines look amazing together on the shelf don't you think?

  5. Hello,

    Could you provide with more information about this box set? Like ISBN, ...
    I've been looking for this box set online but haven't found a single shop where I can order it. I've mailed H&S but am waiting for a reply.

  6. Hi Kris, thanks for your enquiry and I'm more than happy to help. The ISBN for the first in the box set (The Gunslinger) is: ISBN 978-1-444-72344-1. It was printed and bound in Australia by Griffin Press.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you're able to buy the set.

  7. Hi Tracy,

    I contacted the webshop where I always order my Stephen King books but they get their books from various suppliers. Even with the ISBN number you provided they cannot guarantee that they'll receive the one with the cover I want.

    So I guess I'll mail as many webshops as I can find and hopefully one of them will have the books with the cover design I want.

    thanks for the help!

  8. Hi Kris, just letting you know that I contacted the CEO of Boomerang Books (biggest Australian online retailer for books) and he told me: "Unfortunately the box set is now out of print and not available."

    Your best bet may be to purchase it second hand? I really hope you can manage to track it down.

    Let me know how you get on.

  9. Hi Tracey,

    I found the books at waterstones.com and had them shipped to me. I received them this week, so now I just got to finish 'end of watch' and can start with book 1 of Dark towers.



  10. Excellent news Kris, I'm so glad you managed to find this set. Thanks for letting me know and I hope they look amazing on your bookshelf :-)


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